Commissioning of the vacuum unit.

At the Yaya oil refinery in the framework of the project of construction of the second phase, there has been commissioned a unit for fuel oil refinery (the vacuum unit), which will allow the company to increase the depth of oil refining to 75% and increase production of light oil products.

The unit capacity is 1 million 600 thousand tons per year. Investments in its construction amounted to 2.8 billion rubles. The company "NefteChemServis" obtained a statement of conformity of the constructed facility according to the technical regulations, and the commissioning work has been carried out. To date, the facility has reached its design capacity. Commissioning of the vacuum unit allowed creating at the plant about 20 new jobs. Tax revenues to the budget of the Kemerovo region will be increased by 76 million rubles a year.

At the same time the company conducts construction of the set of units for processing straight-run gasoline (UK-1) which will allow the Yaya oil refinery to start production of high-octane gasoline corresponding to Euro-5 standard in excess of 700 thousand tons per year. To date, for construction of this facility more than 6 billion rubles have been disbursed, during 2018 - 2019 it is planned to invest another 21 billion rubles. At the construction of the complex about a thousand people are employed. During the work the builders have to assemble more than 12 thousand tons of steel and grout more than 40 thousand cubic meters of concrete. The completion is scheduled for the end of 2019.

The event dedicated to commissioning of the new unit was attended by the first Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo region Vladimir Chernov. He noted that the largest investment project of the region – construction of the Yaya oil refinery - is being successfully developed; all work is being done in strict accordance with the previously approved program, he drew attention to the importance of this project for the region and expressed gratitude for work to all employees. At the solemn meeting Vladimir Chernov presented regional awards to the builders – the best employees of contractor companies who actively participated in construction of the vacuum unit and the employees of the Business Development Department of "NefteChemServis".


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