The Governor reception

The administration of the Kemerovo region today held a traditional reception dedicated to the Day of the Oilman.

The solemn event was attended by the best employees of the company "NefteChemService" and the Yaya oil refinery.

The highest award - the Order of "Valour of Kuzbass" - was solemnly presented to the General Director of JSC "NefteChemService" Georgy Kushnir in recognition of his great contribution to the development of the company and the oil refining industry of Kuzbass in general.

The medal "For the business in the name of creation" was awarded to the Deputy chief accountant of the company "NefteChemService" Oksana Lanshakova. The Deputy Director on information technologies Roman Zateev and the chief of the crude vacuum unit Sergey Lukyanchikov received medals "For service to Kuzbass». The medals "For decent education of children" were awarded to Ekaterina Orekhova (the head of the Economic Department of Development Directorate of JSC "NefteChemService") and Natalia Solovieva (the foreman of the Directorate of administrative and economic issues of the Yaya oil refinery). Honorary diplomas of the Governor of the Kemerovo region were awarded to M.V. Shrepp (the Director of Economics and Finance, JSC "NefteChemService"), O. N. Zhurbenko (operator of the boiler plant of the Yaya oil refinery) and D.R. Akhatov (commercial oil operator of the Yaya oil refinery).

A report on the achievements of the industry workers was made by the Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo Region Vladimir Chernov. He particularly noted the contribution of “NefteChemService” in the development of the economy of the region and thanked the shareholders and employees for the great work on the implementation of the project of construction of the Yaya oil refinery.


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