Installation works are in progress at the construction sites of UK-1 of the Yaya oil refinery.

To date, 7,240 (97%) tons of metal structures have been assembled out of the required 7,430 tons; 66 thousand (86%) of welded joints of technological pipelines out of 76 thousand. Works have been started on laying of cables and wires. Active work is in progress on installation of electrical equipment in the transformer substations of 10 kW. At the same time, works on arrangement of fire protection systems and anticorrosion protection of the assembled metal structures are being carried out.

In total, 1 620 people and 85 units of special equipment are involved in construction of UK-1 and off-plot facilities.

The works are being carried out as part of construction of the second stage of the second phase “Complex of the combined unit for processing straight-run gasoline fractions UK-1 and off-plot facilities as part of YaNPZ”. In October, the company “NefteChemService” plans to start at UK-1 commissioning works working fluids, after which the stage-by-stage introduction of the unit into operation will take place. By the end of the year, it shall yield the first commercial product.

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