09.10.2012 Start of commissioning works at the Yaya oil refinery
Today the Governor of the Kemerovo region A.G. Tuleyev personally started-up the start-up operations at the Yaya oil refinery, which basically means the successful completion of the first stage of construction.

25.09.2012 Cooperation Agreement
During the visit of the delegation of the Czech Republic in Kuzbass the Cooperation Agreement was signed between «NefteKhimServis», carrying out the construction of the Yaya oil refinery and the Czech company "Alta" - the proven international leader in the field of engineering and the development of industrial projects.

07.06.2012 Commercial program of the enterprise is approved
The Board of Directors of “NefteKhimServis", carrying out the construction of the Yaya oil refinery, approved a commercial program of the enterprise, under which a number of oil suppliers will be soon defined and work on the preparation of contracts for the sale of finished products has begun.

01.06.2012 The Yaya oil refinery began the personnel selection to work in the basic structural units of the enterprise
Currently candidates are being interviewed and tested.

04.05.2012 The Yaya oil refinery on the eve of 67 anniversary of the Great Victory congratulates veterans of Anzhero-Sudzhensk
Participants of the Great Patriotic War, as well as juvenile prisoners of fascism and survivors of siege of Leningrad will receive a financial aid from the enterprise.

21.03.2012 The Yaya oil refinery by the end of 2015 will increase production by half and bring the processing depth to 90%
At the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of “NefteKhimServis" implementing this project, the concept of the second stage of the enterprise was approved; and it was decided to increase the capacity from three million to six million tons per year.

20.03.2012 Meeting of the joint scientific and technical council of "NefteKhimServis" and KuzGTU
At the Yaya oil refinery today a meeting of the joint scientific and technical council of “NefteKhimServis" and KuzGTU took place on the issues of strategic partnership of Kuzbass scientists with enterprises of the real sector of economy, in particular - on the problems of personnel training for the oil refining industry.

14.03.2012 The Yaya oil refinery started
Pneumatic and hydraulic tests of interplant and intrastate pipelines and transport lines.

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