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22.10.2018 The Yaya oil refinery will launch the second stage for 30 billion rubles in a year
The Yaya oil refinery "NefteChemServis" is planning to complete construction of the second stage of processing of petroleum products by November 2019.

26.08.2016 Kuzbass will have own gasoline

Novokuznetsk JSC "NefteChemServis" – construction investor of the Yaya oil refinery – started implementation of the project of the second stage of the enterprise; as a result it will launch production high-octane gasoline first in the Kemerovo region.

29.12.2014 The project. To the goal - step by step.

Construction of the Yaya oil refinery is the largest investment project in Kuzbass over the last decade. The need to build an enterprise of such a profile in the industrialized region has been discussed by the regional authorities a long time ago. Kuzbass had to reduce dependence on fuel suppliers from other regions. The project implementation was started on by the company "NefteChemServis".

04.09.2014 Paradise for brains

The largest in the Western Siberia private oil enterprise not only produces its products, but also "forges" its professionals

30.06.2014 With a view to the future

The Yaya oil refinery is a modern high-technology enterprise, which takes care not only about the quality output, safety compliance, upgrades and other processes, but also about the people working at this company. The workers’ children of this plant are covered by a special attention and care. To have rest and improve their health during the holidays they can in health camps of "Belokuriha", "Anzherskiy", "The Blue Bird". Costs associated with the payment of vacation package from 50 to 90% of their value, the company takes upon itself. Every young mother who gave birth to a child receives financial assistance in the amount of 7000 rubles. The plant management allocates the necessary funds for the treatment of sick children, as well as devices for children in kindergartens.

27.06.2014 To work with parents
In the Assembly hall of the Yaya oil refinery it is unusually noisy. Never before these walls have seen so many children. 
To the question "Why did you come here?" a child's voice confidently answers: Because we are having an event! An excursion to the NyPyZy (NPZ= oil refinery). 

15.05.2014 The Yaya Oil Refinery: the second step
The Yaya Oil Refinery that is constructed in the north of the region is one of the most significant "acquisitions" in the economy of the region: in Kuzbass they did not know examples of such a level of oil refinery before. The new plant was constructed in record time, and in June 2013 the company received a license, which gives the right to carry out works at hazardous production facilities. The first stage is put into operation, and now the Yaya Oil Refinery is a structural unit of JSC “NEFTECHEMSERVIS” comes to the rated capacity, designed for this stage, i.e. processing of three million tons of crude oil per year.

20.12.2013 Oil flowed to Kuzbass plants
In the structure of the regional industry of Kuzbass the leading positions are still occupied by coal mining and metallurgy. At the background of weakening of the chemical industry position, which for many years has been the third major industrial sector of industry in the region, refining is moving into top gear.

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