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16.12.2013 Winners and Losers
In this section of the investment review we tell of the actual status of major and remarkable investment projects declared or started three years ago.

16.12.2013 Edible Klondike
Food imports running seven billion dollars a year may be substituted by domestic production. This requires a comparable amount of investment - not much more than it is needed to build one average oil or gas pipeline.

24.09.2013 NEFTEKHIMSERVIS: "Achievements and Prospects"
The first trains with products of the new Kuzbass enterprise were passing by the Trans-Siberian Railway. The industrials and energy industries of the Siberian Federal District have long been waiting for this event. With commissioning of the first phase of Yaya the oil refinery they got a reliable supplier of quality raw materials and fuel.

31.08.2013 Yaya The oil refinery is a new name in the Russian oil refining
This summer in the refining industry of Russia there was a noticeable event - a new the Yaya plant has appeared on the map of processing plants.

30.08.2013 Our Plant
They call it "our PLANT", exactly like this, respectfully and substantially. And in formal occasions they call it Yaya the oil refinery or even simpler the Yaya oil refinery.

02.07.2013 The phase commissioning works completed successfully
The company «NefteKhimServis» received a license from the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision for running the business.

26.12.2012 Kuzbass guarantees
Into the development of the economy of the Kemerovo Region 257 billion rubles and 44 billion of foreign assets were directed.

12.10.2012 The Day of Big Oil
The 9th of October can be written into the list of important events for the region. Yesterday in the Yaya district a large the oil refinery of Kuzbass was born. Four years after start-up of construction of the first large oil refining plant it was announced about the completion of the first stage of the plant construction, which is designed to provide Kuzbass with own oil.

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