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10.10.2012 The first phase is completed In construction of the Yaya oil refinery
Yesterday Novokuznetsk CJSC «NefteKhimServis» completed the first phase of construction of the Yaya the oil refinery (YaNPZ) with annual capacity of 3 million tons of oil. The enterprise is located in the territory of the Yaya district, a few kilometers from the city of Anzhero-Sudzhensk. The investment in the first phase amounted to 16 billion rubles.

09.10.2012 Today in Kuzbass the first phase of construction of the Yaya the oil refinery was completed
The Governor A. Tuleyev participated in the ceremony. He noted that this is a unique strategic project both for the economy of Kuzbass, and for development of the fuel and energy complex of the country. In fact, we are creating our own new essential industry.

05.06.2012 The Yaya oil refinery began personnel selection for work in the basic structural units of the enterprise
Currently new candidates are being interviewed and tested.

25.05.2012 The Yaya oil refinery: Towards the strategic target
The specifics of the work of an interregional newspaper chief editor make me travel frequently across all regions of Siberia. Usually I drive by myself. And to be frank, the petrol prices in the Kemerovo Region are the object of envy of all the drivers.

04.05.2012 The Yaya oil refinery on the eve of the 67th anniversary of the Great Victory congratulates veterans of Anzhero-Sudzhensk
Participants of the Great Patriotic War, as well as juvenile prisoners of fascism and Leningrad blockade survivors will receive financial aid from the enterprise. On the eve of the event the plant specialists will visit families of veterans, will become familiar with their living conditions, if necessary, to assist in solving their everyday problems.

02.05.2012 A new city enterprise, the Yaya oil refinery, was presented today to Anzhero-Sudzhensk graduates who choose a profession
A virtual tour to the plant was organized for school students, they spoke in detail about the specialties that will be needed there, and requirements for the training level. Those who want to stay in his hometown and to work at the modern high-tech enterprise that provides high social care and good wages are quite numerous.

22.03.2012 By the end of 2015 the Yaya oil refinery will increase production in twice and bring the refining depth up to 90%
At the regular meeting of the Board of Directors “NefteKhimServis" implementing this project, the concept of the second stage of the company was approved and it was decided to increase the capacity from three million to six million tons per year.

21.03.2012 Agreement on cooperation between the company «NefteKhimServis» and KuzGTU. // Newspaper "Kuzbass" dd. 21.03.12
Yesterday leadership of the company «NefteKhimServis» and KuzGTU signed a cooperation agreement, which intends that this year the university will begin recruiting the students for training in fields related to the technology of oil refining.

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