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08.06.2011 The new enterprise of the new industrial sector // Newspaper "Nashe Vremya"
On Friday, June 3 the Governor of the region Aman Tuleyev visited the newly built Yaya oil refinery. He got acquainted with progress of construction and installation works and commissioning, with performing the construction schedule. At the meeting it was reported about assimilation of assets forwarded for construction by the investors, and Sberbank of Russia. The meeting was attended by the Acting Head of the District Dmitry Inozemtsev.

08.06.2011 «NefteKhimServis» does not want to build a double pumping // newspaper "Kommersant"
Novokuznetsk CJSC «NefteKhimServis» building the Yaya oil refinery in the north of the Kemerovo Region is not satisfied with the terms of connection to the main oil pipeline of "Transneft". For this connection the company has to finance construction of the pumping station "Pervomayskaya" in the Tomsk region with the capacity of 6 million tons, twice the Yaya oil refinery needs. Dissatisfaction with such conditions from the state company "Transneft" was expressed by the governor of Kuzbass Aman Tuleyev.

07.06.2011 The Yaya oil refinery: results meet expectations // Newspaper «Nash gorod»
The city has a real chance to become a center of the petrochemical industry. Last Friday, the official meeting of the leadership the oil refinery, of the project investor CJSC «NefteKhimServis» and representatives of the regional administration headed by the Governor A.G.Tuleyev was held at the newly built Yaya oil refinery. The meeting was kind of report on the work completed at this stage.

07.06.2011 Petrol begins with Yaya // Newspaper "Kuzbass"
The last fuel crisis forced the country's leadership to recognize the monopoly in the industry as the main cause of many problems. Despite the fact that the capacity of the Siberian oil refineries is enough to meet the needs of the region in petrol, the major oil companies send the fuel from the oil refinery for export, when in Siberia there were lines at gas station. As recently it was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, the Government is now considering the possibility of creating an oil refiner independent from major oil companies, specifically in order to avoid similar crises. Meanwhile, countdown to the start-up of a large independent oil refinery started in Kuzbass. Less than in a year first fuel will appear in the Yaya district.

07.06.2011 The first-born is preparing to take a step // "Rossiyskaya Gazeta"
The deficiency and rising prices for fuel, which occurred recently in several regions of the country, once again confirmed that the start-up of new independent oil refineries is one of the ways of demonopolization of the market of fuel and a guarantee against the recurrence of such cases. The Yaya oil refinery which construction is now being led by CJSC «NefteKhimServis» in the north of the Kemerovo Region is just referred to such enterprises. A few years ago, few people believed that a huge steel giant will grow in the green field. Its design capacity is 3 million tons of oil per year. It will be the first industrial facility of oil refining in the history of Kuzbass.

03.06.2011 The first stage of the Yaya oil refinery is expected to be introduced in May 2012. // Press service of administration of the Kemerovo Region
The first stage of the Yaya oil refinery (the stage of primary oil refining) is expected to be commissioned in a year, in May 2012. Today it was stated by the governor Aman Tuleyev in the Yaya district at the meeting on the course of construction of the plant.

31.05.2011 "NefteKhimServis": transition to the second stage of the Yaya oil refinery // Kommersant
The Novokuznetsk Company «NefteKhimServis» started preparations for construction of the second stage of the Yaya oil refinery (in the north of the Kemerovo Region) with the capacity of 3 million tons of oil per year. In one of the largest investment projects in Siberia 7 billion rubles are already invested, and a year before the start-up of the first stage of the plant the company started designing the second stage. This is due to the fact that the basic tasks required by the first stage of construction are almost completed, and the basis for further development is created. About what has already been done at the construction site of the Yaya oil refinery and how they see the second stage of the plant at the company, tells the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC «NefteKhimServis» Yury Kushnerov.

15.04.2011 Personnel for the new industry // «Nash gorod» (Anzhero-Sudzhensk), «Nashe Vremya» (Yaya)
The company «NefteKhimServis» signed a contract with Anzhero-Sudzhensk Polytechnic College for joint work on personnel training for the oil industry. The college will prepare specialists to work at the Yaya oil refinery. More on that tells the college director Lidia Ivanovna Malysheva.

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