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28.01.2011 NefteKhimServis: We are opening new prospects! // «Nashe Vremya» (Yaya), «Nash gorod» (Anzhero-Sudzhensk)
The company «NefteKhimServis» currently implementing the largest investment project in Kuzbass - the Yaya oil refinery construction.

26.01.2011 Aman Tuleyev: "The region has become a donor region" // AIF Kuzbass
It happened so that the birth day of our region practically coincides with the celebration of the New Year. It is a good time to sum up and to make plans for the future. We asked several questions on these two hot topics the Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman TULEYEV.

24.01.2011 The Yaya oil refinery started installation of the main process equipment //
At the Yaya oil refinery they started installation of basic process equipment of the atmospheric furnace, the block of columns, of the crude desalter unit and heat exchange equipment.

21.01.2011 Increase in production of Kuzbass coal without prejudice to nature and humans is possible up to 200 million tons / / RBC daily
The crisis, falling demand for coal and coke, a terrible accident at the mine «Raspadskaya» - a few of governors had to simultaneously deal with such a bunch of challenges. But the head of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev considers, that it is necessary to learn from each such example: to encourage new industries in the region, for example, petrochemistry, stimulate new technologies of production and labor protection, building science cities and techno parks. By 2020, the region should become one of the largest in the world methane coal region with its own system of education and new industries.

21.01.2011 A.Tuleyev: At the Yaya oil refinery it is planned to master production of a deficit on the world markets product - petroleum coke // «Oil of Russia»
Today a project of construction of the Yaya oil refinery is being implemented, told in his interview to RBC daily, the Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev. - With the commissioning of the plant and development of existing enterprises we will be able to process in our region up to 4, 5 million tons of crude oil. This will completely allow providing Kuzbass with diesel fuel, fuel oil and grades of petrol with low octane value, which we now import from different regions of Russia.

14.01.2011 Novokuznetsk «NefteKhimServis» solved the issue of connection the Yaya oil refinery to the main pipeline // FederalPress
The Yaya oil refinery will accept from the Anzhero-Sudzhensk line operation dispatcher station three million tons of oil per year.

12.11.2010 Siberian initiative // Almanac "Business glory of Russia"
Kuzbass is the leader of economy of Siberia, this position is earned by miners through their hard work. Yury Petrovich Kushnerov knows concerns of his countrymen. He proposed the construction of a refinery in the Yaya district of the Kemerovo region. As a financial analyst, investor and patriot of the motherland, Yury Petrovich participates in implementation of one of the first Russian projects over the last 20 years, which aims at processing of raw – of the Yaya oil refinery. The funds earned at the previous enterprise Yu. P. KUSHNEROV invests in the development of his region.

28.07.2010 The Yaya oil refinery will open for Kuzbass a new industrial petrochemical sector // "Kommersant", № 135 (4435)
Last week, one of the largest investment projects in Siberia, the oil refinery in the Yaya district of the Kemerovo region got access to the Bank lending. For its construction the Siberian Bank of Sberbank of the Russian Federation has allocated the first tranche of a credit line of 7 billion rubles, as calculated for seven years.

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