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To work with parents

In the Assembly hall of the Yaya oil refinery it is unusually noisy. Never before these walls have seen so many children.
To the question "Why did you come here?" a child's voice confidently answers: Because we are having an event! An excursion to the NyPyZy (NPZ= oil refinery).
An excursion for children of employees is organized by the management of the company "NefteChemServis" and specialists of the Yaya oil refinery. And this is, of course, a big event. That is a unique opportunity to look at the plant from the side - to crisscrossing of pipes, huge reservoirs, equipment. Everything here is mysterious and interesting. Of course, moms and dads talk about the work, but it is better to see once, than to hear hundred times. 

But first a little bit of introduction. The children seated in armchairs were shown a documentary about the construction of the plant.

In front of them, a green field turns into a construction site. Here machinery clear space for buildings, the foundation is being laid, and higher and higher buildings are rising. A man is climbing up the ladder, and the scale of construction becomes evident. Also from the bird's-eye view it is impressive! The plant is just one year old, it will grow more and more, develop, increase production, create new jobs. That is why such importance is attributed to the event. Many children are interested in what they have seen, and possibly they will follow the footsteps of parents, will find here their calling. In Kuzbass there are many miners’ dynasties; perhaps it has come to hereditary of oil refiners.

Confidence in this was expressed at the end of the film by the Director of the Yaya oil refinery Nikolay Podavylov. In his speech he explained to the children that if they want to continue the work of their parents, everything is in their hands. They need only to study well and believe in themselves.
"We are sure that our plant is the best, the pride of the Kemerovo region. And the children are the growing pride of Kuzbass. I hope that thanks to this event they will find each other - said later N.Podavylov.

The official part ended and the kids went to their excursion bus. Here everybody are seated at places and counted. They were about to be off... "Wait, we forgot the TV team!". The excursion to the plant, started on a positive note, retains its fun atmosphere till the end.
The kids, at first a bit unsure and confused, are now alive. Literally sticking to the windows of the bus, they examine the wonders of the technics. The younger ones - with pure delight in the eyes, which always accompanies a touch to something so incomparably greater than a human being, unusual and distant, that have become suddenly available. The older ones - more likely appreciatively and carefully. They understand more here, ask questions, and speculate. But in their eyes there is reflection of this delight. What can I say, if adults have the same feelings.

Responses for large and small

The excursion was lead by the mechanic engineer of the Department of technical supervision N.A. Fadin. He explained to the kids the purpose of structures and buildings which the bus passed by.
- Initially, I was prepared for kids of other age groups, the older ones. So, having seen the team, I became a little scared," he said. - Experience of communication with my son helped me much, to whom I tried to explain everything with clear language. So I used the skills.
Walking in the territory is not allowed by the safety regulation, so the organizers provided only two stops - in the fire department and in the control room.
The trip started from the same place as the plant itself - from the warehouse building. This is where all the equipment was brought, when the plant was being built, and it is being accepted there now.
It is a pleasure to watch children. They are eager to observe everything new, they happily share impressions. Much causes questions. Small kids want to know why can not they wander in the plant and get in somewhere? Why do interesting ''things'' have different colors? And are there drivers here, too?
It turned out that the blue ones are valves. They are like taps in bathrooms, but only bigger. So big that many of them can be shift only by special motors. The red ones are everything that is connected to fire safety. And it is impossible to wander in the plant, because there are strict rules and industrial safety, and only people with special training can enter many places. If you want to enter, study physics, chemistry, mathematics, and when you grow up, you can come to work here. At least as a driver. The father of Nastya Shtraukh, Andrey, does this.

Someone is interested:
- Parents use entry passes. Why are we without passes?
Nikolay answers:
- An exception was made for you. Because you are exceptional!
The older children have other questions, but there are answers to them, too.
For example, about the environment. The plant uses water from underground wells. Moreover, the tanks collect rainwater. The sewage system is designed so that the oil and its derivatives accidentally got into the waste waters in the end should also go t the tanks, passing through the cleaning process. Thus, the ecological purity is observed.
The boiler plant at the oil refinery produces steam required for oil refining. The boiler plant work on gas and oil fuel, therefore, makes no smoke.
On the right there is a laboratory. Here, for example, works mother of ten-years-old Kirill, Elena Lesnikova – a lab technician. In the laboratory they test products according to standards. As oil products are harmful to health, the laboratory is equipped with effective ventilation system, which removes harmful vapors of the building. It is safer like this.

There and back

In general, safety is the key word at the oil refinery. The red "fire" color is everywhere; the area is full of boxes with sand, tall spires of lightning rods. Such attention helps to avoid accidents.
The guarantor of safety in a big enterprise is a fire department. The first stop of the bus is here.
Red fire trucks had great impression on children. The employees of a fire brigade told about their function, importance in ensuring safety at the plant, suggested to have a look at the technique closer. Meanwhile three bravest kids from the young excursionists already crept to the vehicle. The boys lifted little Nastya, and she quickly climbed the vehicle. The gentlemen were assisted by the fire team, who were watchfully observing the situation - that's what the professionals are!
The pioneers were a five-years-old Nastya Serga, seven-years-old Timur Khamidulin and ten-years-old Misha Makarevich was firmly holding their both hands. It turned out that they already knew each other, and during the excursion they stick together. The girl's father is a specialist in logistics here, and mothers of the boys work in the same Department.
- Were not you scared?
-Not at all! - answers Nastya. On the contrary, I had a fun!
The brave Trinity was followed by other children. But special attention was given not even to the machines, but to breathing masks. They have been tried by everybody who wished to feel like a fireman... or to get awesome hoarse breath like of Darth Vader.

The most important

Who does not want to touch a mystery, to get there where the plant is operated from? The children are lucky. The second stop is the control room. There are panels, monitors - embarrassment of riches. The children observe the premises, listen to the explanations of adults.
Freckled red-haired Nastya Mishustina has an outstanding desire to learn about everything, and a lot. Nastya is almost ten.
- My dad works at the plant!" she explains. He is a machinist of pumping units; he observes that everything should be done correctly. I liked the whole excursion, but it is particularly interesting here. I found out why diesel fuel is needed!
On the table there is a set with the cans with oil and products of its refining. There is diesel fuel, kerosene, gasoline, fuel oil and gas. They are being shown, their purpose is being explained. The special attention was given to the gas – the children discussed, if the gas is still there in the can, or already disappeared somewhere. They were assured that it was there.
The visitors learned that from oil they do not only fuel, but also much more. Polymers, plastics, artificial leather,... the list is huge. The Yaya oil refinery so far produces only those products that are presented to the children, but everything is still ahead.
The Chief dispatcher of the flare facilities S.P. Pesnyaev tald about the control room. Earlier he worked at the Pavlodar oil refinery. Now he moved to Anzhero-Sudzhensk.
- The plant is good, modern, it develops. Such events are important for us, my son Nikita is also here, let him look where his father works" he says.
Nikita Pashaev adds that the father says little about his work, therefore it was twice more interesting to know what is happening here. Now the curiosity is satisfied.
On the way back a lot of many interesting things were shown to the kids. Huge tanks, treatment facilities, and most importantly at the plant – the unit where the separation of oil products takes place. N.A. Fadin explained that this is a continuous process, the unit works day and night without stopping. Oil never stops flowing in pipes.
Empty fields raised questions and. They will be replaced by new facilities, which are planned to be in operation by 2017. So they took care about the upcoming expansion in advance. Meanwhile the fields are simply fenced and are waiting for their hour.

The children saw how a huge 60 m column looked like, where separation of oil takes place and the torch - the most recognizable building at the oil refinery.
Especially their attention was attracted by the torch, first seen (by the most vigilant ones) even on the monitor in the control room. It turns out that every such an enterprise has such a torch. The torch is not only an important element of the safety system, but also a symbol of the plant. It never fades, as never stops plant.
By the end of the visit the kids were full of new knowledge and experiences, especially thoughtful were the ones who asked many questions. It was clear that the trip did not pass in vain. And to the question whether they realized everything a joyful response followed:
- Of course, everything! And if not, we would have asked something else!
Darya and Vasily Ezhakovy were here were with their mom Marina. They live in the village of Yaya and, of course, M.V. Ezhakova, an employee of the personnel department, could not miss the chance to show to the kids the plant closer, to see its scale closer. After all the personnel decide everything!
After the excursion the children went into the canteen, where they were treated with sweets and entertained with songs, dances and games. And when it came to the end, they were offered to participate in a drawing competition. Announcement of winners, who will be determined by the impartial jury, is scheduled to the Oilmen's Day.
After such an event the plant management is simply obliged to keep its promises so that the young people having graduated should return and find the Yaya oil refinery bigger and more beautiful than before. And then they will be able to organize a similar excursion for their sons and daughters – to share with them the vivid impressions of their childhood.


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