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 "You are our hope"

- These words are addressed to the children by the director of YANPZ

 The Yaya oil refinery is a modern high-technology enterprise, which takes care not only about the quality output, safety compliance, upgrades and other processes, but also about the people working at this company. The workers’ children of this plant are covered by a special attention and care. To have rest and improve their health during the holidays they can in health camps of "Belokuriha", "Anzherskiy", "The Blue Bird". Costs associated with the payment of vacation package from 50 to 90% of their value, the company takes upon itself. Every young mother who gave birth to a child receives financial assistance in the amount of 7000 rubles. The plant management allocates the necessary funds for the treatment of sick children, as well as devices for children in kindergartens.

It has already become a good tradition that the plant management cares that every summer is to be remembered by the kids as something amazing.


This day had everyone smiling: suddenly, as if by the screen version, the sun peeped out of the clouds; the opportunity to visit, once again, the modern plant with a mysterious and inviting name “Oil refinery”; two nearest and dearest and defiantly noble letters "Яя", which can be seen on huge silver–colored tanks, on specialists’ clothes and children’s caps made especially for the unusual guests. On the eve of Children's Day "NEFTECHEMSERVICE" and the Yaya oil refinery organized for the first time a conducted tour to the plant (restricted access facility) for the children of its employees!

Children are important-looking and proud of knowing that their parents are economists, drivers, engineers, security guards, accountants, working on the plant, famous all over the country, fixed in front of the mirror their fancy dresses and suits and took their seats in cozy armchairs around a big table. The celebration began with a children's drawing competition. A warm-up, so to say. Colored pens, pencils, paper - everything you need to draw the plant as they imagined it. Boys drawing machines, tanks, metal structures, similar to a spacecraft, and girls - their beautiful mothers near computers.

Then the young guests of the large enterprise were invited to the festively decorated hall. The ceremonial event for children began with the film about the creation of the refinery. The pictures of an adult documentary chronicles were taking turns on the screen, but the kids watched with acute fascination. An even greater surprise was the appeal of the Director of the plant, N.M. Podavylov who found time in his busy schedule to meet with the honorable guests. "You will replace your parents! You are our hope! You are our future! ", he said.

And then, finally, the long-awaited tour of the plant began. A comfortable bus gets under its way. Among the tourists I find my fellow-countrymen from Yaya: Lisa Garashchenko, Andrey Chernikov, Vasya Ezhakov, Danila Demin, Vova Gavrishev and Dasha Sergeyeva. Their parents, the residents of Yaya, work at the plant, and the children are often their guests at the plant. But they have never moved on farther than a study of their parents. All unusual structures, more similar to the fantastic facilities, they could only see from the office window. And then a chance! Everybody adhere to the windows, when else you can see this!

Accompanying us engineer Fadin N.A., trying to pick up understandable for small kids words, "translates" technical terms in children's language. Therefore, tanks were, under way, renamed in a "big barrel", transformer in a "booth", which stands on very high pipes "especially for the flood not to lock out electrical equipment." We pass the warehouse, "where they bring all the things without which our plant cannot work," laboratory "where they carry out analyses of gasoline and diesel fuel," mechanical repair shop - "a place to repair equipment and facilities."

Our first stop is near the fire department. Two huge red fire engines immediately become the object of the boys’ study. Adults do not only prohibit, but rather offer children to have a sit in the driver’s seat, to touch fire hoses and even to try on fire personal protective equipment. There is no limit to the children’s delight!

But the most interesting things are ahead. Central control room is a place where the territory of the plant is monitored throughout. Modern computers, a complex computer system, remote controls, etc ... The children flocked about the operator. They want to touch each button, each tumbler. "To work here, you need to study well. To study mathematics, physics, and chemistry very seriously", adults give advices to the children.

The refinery experts try to explain the curious kids on a simple example how they can make from oil, similar in appearance to conventional dirt, gasoline that runs the car.

Back in the bus we see a little bit other children - "five minutes to specialists," as our attendant referred to them in joke. Everyone tries to show off the newly acquired knowledge. Outside the windows of the bus the pride of refinery is remaining - its own railway station, the trains that carry petroleum products at any distance, and a high tower, which is always burning torch - a symbol of any refinery.

The tour, such cognitive and such long-awaited, finishes in the dining room, where festively laid tables and a cheerful hostess with games, fun, competitions and songs are waiting for the children. The children's festival continues. And this happy day was presented to the children by the adults, who are currently working at the refinery.


Valentina TELBUKH.

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