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The project. To the goal - step by step.

Construction of the Yaya oil refinery is the largest investment project in Kuzbass over the last decade. The need to build an enterprise of such a profile in the industrialized region has been discussed by the regional authorities a long time ago. Kuzbass had to reduce dependence on fuel suppliers from other regions. The project implementation was started on by the company "NefteChemServis".

The production site has been chosen in the Yaya district, a few kilometers away from Anzhero-Sudzhensk - at the distance of 7.5 kilometers from the metering point of the linear production control station "Anzhero-Sudzhensk" of the oil pipeline Alexandrovskoye (the Tomsk region) - Anzhero-Sudzhensk - Irkutsk. Somebody considered this construction very risky, but the Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev has believed in the project and gave his approval.

In October 2012 the first phase of construction was successfully completed. In May this year, the plant reached its design capacity. Currently, the company "NefteChemServis enters a new investment phase and starts construction of the second stage of the Yaya oil refinery. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company "NefteChemServis" Yury Kushnerov assures that nobody is going to rest on his laurels:

- We worked our hard and complicated way. In May this year we reached the design capacity of 3 million tons of annual processing. Since December 2012 we have been working under the second phase of construction of the Yaya oil refinery. Last year we began designing the second stage of the Yaya oil refinery, the project is being done during a year and a half.

Now the plant produces three products - diesel fuel, straight-run gasoline, fuel oil. When we start the second phase of the plant, it will increase the plant capacity in twice and to increase the processing depth up to 92 percent, which will give the possibility to produce products that comply with the European standard. We are moving towards this.

Recently we commissioned the oil pumping station, which was built under the contract for "Transneft" - it was one of the conditions of our connection to the main oil pipeline "Alexandrovskoye - Anzhero-Sudzhensk". We hoped that the government assisting to the business development in Russia will connect us as all others to its pipeline system, since we are located 7 kilometers away from it. But Transneft laid down a condition to us to increase the capacity of the main pipeline by 3 million tons – this is the need of the Yaya oil refinery. For four years we have been discussing this topic, but in 2012 before running the Yaya oil refinery we had to sign a contract. We invested in the construction of the station 4.5 billion rubles. As a whole, to date investments in the project amounted to nearly 22 billion rubles.

The second stage of the funding will be much more difficult given the economic situation in the country. The construction is designed for 6-7 years, and the total cost will be about 55 billion rubles.

This year due to the rise in the cost of the borrowed funds, the unclear situation with sanctions for the import equipment, we were forced to adjust our plans and to change the sub-phases. Construction of the first sub-phase we plan to begin in summer 2015, its cost is 24-25 billion rubles. We are considering the possibility to use the Russian equipment, if sanctions are continued.

In the summer we became the only private oil refinery, which has concluded an agreement with state agencies, the Federal Antimonopoly service, Rostekhnadzor and Rosstandart. This is so-called legitimization of the new enterprise, its recognition as a full member of the Russian market of oil products. Previously, such agreements have been signed only with such well-known companies as Rosneft, LUKOIL, and Gazprom...

We have been included in the state program of development until 2030, and we have committed to complete the second stage by 2020 - 2021. If we are not disturbed by the geopolitical situation...Change of the dollar rate and rise in the cost of borrowed funds very influence the project strongly. But have an optimistic and professional spirit.

We have got a very good team. For the second phase experienced specialists have been already invited from major oil refineries. In general, the Yaya oil refinery now employs about six hundred people. Without considering highly qualified managers, the average salary at the plant is 51 thousand rubles. We believe that this is a good salary by the Russian standards. Of course, it will rise; we suppose to bring it up to 60 thousand rubles.

We cannot but mention that Anzhero-Sudzhensk in my opinion is the most promising city in Kuzbass. From a depressed city it is converted to an oil refining center of the Western Siberia. In addition to us there are two smaller projects. In ten years the level of oil refining will reach up to 8 million tons per year. It means high salary, and employment, and clear understanding of the future. Thanks to oil projects Anzhero-Sudzhensk just revived. After all the personnel issue was solved by the local people. In recent years, the city closed several coal companies, and Yaya oil refinery took part in retraining.

Novokuznetsk also would benefit from a couple of such large projects, although our city is not apart from our project. Here is the management company; here are two owners - me and Alexander Govor. And a hundred times more attention we pay to Novokuznetsk. Not even mentioning the fact that we have built and will build, each year we invest by a hundred million rubles in various city projects. And all this is from what is the Yaya oil refinery.

Since 2007 works charitable Foundation "Vozrozhdenie". Over the years we have put in order the orphanage "Polyarnaya Zvezda", which was in a terrible condition. It was terrifying to look at! And now the premises comply with the European standard. Each year we allocate the money for different programs, we congratulate the children and veterans on holidays, and we help to people who are sick.

As my favorite child I can call the City Tennis Center. In 1995, I returned from America, where I learned to play tennis. And next year we opened our first indoor court in Novokuznetsk. That is how I fell in love with this kind of sport. And I decided to create a tennis academy for the beloved city. At that time I traveled to many countries, got acquainted with similar academies, ordered international project in Moscow. In 2010 it opened, and in 2012 it received the Federation Cup from the President of the Russian Tennis Federation Shamil Tarpishchev as the best tennis academy in the country.

Today the academy holds all the top Russian tournaments, and since last year also international ones. In 2015, three children and youth tournament under the auspices of the International Tennis Federation are planned. Beyond the Urals there are no more cities like this. We are known in Europe and worldwide.

Our pupils over these four years have made great progress. Tennis players in the age group up to 10 years are among the strongest in the Siberian Federal District. For the second year on quarterly basis specialists from the Swiss Tennis Federation come to us to work with our coaches and children. This year, children were with a return visit in Switzerland. I am proud that we created it from scratch as the Yaya oil refinery, by the way, the Academy of international level in Siberia.

If nothing extraordinary happens, there is an agreement with Mikhail Youzhny, who every year comes to us with his coach Boris Sobkin and holds a master class, about creating in a few years of his Academy in Moscow. I will participate in this - I want to make the Novokuznetsk center to become a branch of the Academy of Youzhny on a long term basis. Moscow coaches would come to us and would work with our pupils.

... A few years ago we called crazy, they said, in Kuzbass, in a swamp - oil refining ... And now they say that we are lucky. So, no luck! We just know how to carry out large projects - for several billion dollars. How to get started, where to get money from, how to create a team and so on ... Step by step...

Denis Platov.

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