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Oil flowed to Kuzbass plants

In the structure of the regional industry of Kuzbass the leading positions are still occupied by coal mining and metallurgy. At the background of weakening of the chemical industry position, which for many years has been the third major industrial sector of industry in the region, refining is moving into top gear. The companies implementing major projects in this sector have already become investment sector leaders in the processing industry and in a few years are going to completely cover the needs of the regional market of fuels and lubricants.

Formation of the industry’s table of ranks of the Kemerovo Region is actively influenced by prevailing resource base in the region. The abundance of high-quality coal reserves assigns first lines and the status of "region forming" industries to the mining industry and metallurgy in the economic statistics.

The oil refinery instead of chemical plants

Moreover, in recent years in Kemerovo three major chemical production facilities disappeared from the industrial map of Kuzbass: aniline paint plant, "Kommunar" plant (manufacture of explosives and ammunition), "Khimvolokno" plant. In Kemerovo "Khimprom" (chlorine and caustic soda) and "Tokem" (ion exchange resins) greatly reduced their share in the total volume, almost invisible in the industry statistics the Kemerovo plant "Progress" (manufacture of gunpowder), the enterprise "Leninskhimprom" has been closed in the city of Leninsk-Kuznetsky. Today almost all of production in the chemical industry is provided by Kemerovo JSC "Azot" (mineral fertilizers and caprolactam), by Kiselevsk JSC "Znamya" (industrial explosives), by Novokuznetsk JSC "Organika" (pharmaceuticals).

Against this background, a new regional industrial sector – oil refining (enterprises for production of coke and petroleum products) has quickly moved into top gear. In the situation where no growth is observed in the whole industry of Kuzbass in 2013, this industry, in contrast, is on the ascent. Regarding the parameter "financial the turnover" already after the first nine months of 2013 production of coke and refined petroleum has come to the fourth place among other industries and to the third in the processing sector. Of course, in the structure of the industry there is production of coke for metallurgy (concentrated in the JSC "Koks" in Kemerovo and JSC "Evraz ZSMK" in Novokuznetsk), but here it is just not being expanded. According to the data of Kemerovostat, the turnover of oil refining in January - September this year amounted to 40.3 billion rubles, which is 44.6 % higher than of the previous year over the same period. In October 2013, the turnover of the industry amounted to 6.1 billion rubles - 2.5 times higher than in October 2012. For comparison, the turnover of all the organizations in the economy of the Kemerovo Region - in industry, agriculture and trade has been reduced over the same period by 5.9 % against the previous year growth of 2.5%. In the processing industry, the reduction of the turnover was 2.7 %. The new industry branch is leading also in investments in the sector of processing industries: from 90.9 billion rubles of capital investments accounted by the state statistics in the economy of Kuzbass over nine months in 2013, production of coke and oil provided 4.4 billion rubles. For comparison: the chemical industry - 2.33 billion rubles, metallurgy - 3.87 billion rubles.

Billion investments

Today in refining of Kuzbass several major projects are being implemented: the Yaya oil refinery, Anzhersky oil refinery and "Severny Kuzbass" oil refinery. These enterprises have been already partially put into operation and continue to be expanded. In addition, the region has several mini-oil refineries, particularly in the city of Kemerovo, in Kemerovo and Tyazhinsky districts. The largest in this series is the project of the Yaya oil refinery implemented by the Novokuznetsk CJSC «NefteKhimServis». In June this year, having received all the permits the company started the first plant with capacity of 3 million tons of oil per year. Then first shipments began (atmospheric gas oil, process fuel). Into construction of the first stage of the plant (the works have been led since September 2008) about 20 billion rubles have been invested, over 500 new working places have been opened.

At the October meeting of the Board of Administration of the Kemerovo Region start-up of the second phase of construction of the Yaya oil refinery was announced. It is planned to increase the processing capacity of the plant to 6 million tons per year, and the depth of processing - from 60 to 92%. For implementation of this plan, «NefteKhimServis» will use 16-17 billion rubles of own assets and 20-25 billion rubles of borrowed money. The technical director of the company Yury Stepanov stated that at the first stage «NefteKhimServis» estimated potential costs for the second phase, which with a probability of 90 % will be about 43 billion rubles. According to his opinion, after completion of the second phase (2014-2019) the Yaya oil refinery will produce annually 1.2 million tons of petrol, 2 million tons of diesel fuel (all in accordance with the "Euro -5" quality standard), 250 tons of petroleum coke for the aluminum industry, as well as products for the petrochemical industry. Currently, the company has ordered all the basic designs for new equipment and technologies to licensees (all are foreign companies), in the beginning of 2014 it starts placing orders for equipment.

No monopoly

the Yaya oil refinery is not a single noticeable investment project in the industry. Kemerovo holding company "Kem-Oil" is building two enterprises: Anzhersky oil refinery (LLC "Anzhersk Oil and Gas Company ") and the oil refinery «Severny Kuzbass». Initially the investor planned to bring them into operation in 2012, but in the spring 2013 the administration of the Kemerovo Region stated: the enterprises will come to full capacity in 2016 and noted that currently these enterprises are already working, but not at full capacity. Earlier "Kem-Oil" stated that annual oil processing at the Anzhersky oil refinery will be 600 thousand tons, and the total capacity of both enterprises will be two million tons of oil per year. The first phase of the Anzhersky oil refinery was started in 2010 by commissioning of the most powerful the oil refinery unit at that time in the region - 150

Small the oil refinery companies also have plans to expand their capacity. Thus, JSC " Chernigovsky oil refinery" (a member of the CJSC "Holding company Siberian Business Union" "), operating in the Kemerovo Region, was built in 2007 with two distillation plants each with capacity of 50 tons. Recently, at the plant site, it was reported that "at present, works are being done to increase the processing capacity up to 200 thousand tons per year."

Relying on own capacities

All major projects of Kuzbass the oil refinery are tied to the oil transportation junction, to the line operation dispatcher station Anzhero-Sudzhensk of JSC "Transsibneft." Here from the north comes the oil pipeline Nizhnevartovsk – Anzhero-Sudzhensk - Angarsk, through which it is possible to obtain the necessary raw materials for processing. The Yaya oil refinery, e.g., is 7.5 km away from the station, the plants of "Kem-Oil" also placed next to the pipe. All enterprises have ties to get oil. Market participants do not exclude that in the future there will be new projects along the pipeline, but the needs of the domestic market of the Kemerovo Region of combustive-lubricating materials are 3.5 million tons, and with implementation of all the announced projects by the regional companies they will be fully closed.

"Kommersant", 20.12.2013

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